• About Us

    Spectrum Global International Clearing was formed in 2010 and our primary line of business revolves around settling trading accounts, clearing trades

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  • Client Services

    Client Service is paramount to the success of Spectrum Global International. We recognize customer satisfaction and retention and the development of longstanding relationships

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Spectrum Global International has adopted an Insurance Services platform to process annuity contracts. As participants in this service, Spectrum Global International has access to over 55 annuity providers and more than 155 active carriers.

The utilization of this platform allows our correspondents to link, in an automated environment, annuity contract information so that it appears on customer brokerage statements. It also supports the transmission of annuity commissions which can then be combined with Investment reps' other brokerage commissions and paid together at month end settlement.

Additionally, once a customer's contract has been linked, the Spectrum Global International Annuity program gives the investment professional access to the following information on their workstation:

  • Annuity Name
  • Contract Number
  • Cusip
  • Contract Registration
  • Contract Positions
  • Contract Value