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Compliance Solution Overview

The objective of all financial institutions is to act in the best interest of their clients. There is also an element of protecting the hard work that has gone into building the entity. However, these important parameters need to be balanced by the need to do develop the business model and create new revenue streams.

The Automated Compliance Solution has been designed in such a way that it is cost effective when assisting a compliance department that can consist of anything between one to fifty people.

The solution is offered as software which allows easy web access with no hardware to buy and monitor and no software updates to implement. Working with the Spectrum Global International operations team in, installation can be carried out in less than 20 business days. If there are substantial third party data sources like direct write mutual fund business, DST, variable annuities etc, the core installation will still be done in that time frame and the other data feeds incorporated as received.

The desktop design is very intuitive and many of the parameters are set and can be changed by the Chief Compliance Officer.

So when the compliance team arrives, the solution has captured data from the overnight feed from Spectrum Global International operations and populated desk tops with alerts on issues that may need their attention. From that point on, the process is similar to a manual process, the issue is investigated, the trail is documented, documents are attached, emails are sent and received and finally the issue is deemed to be closed and archived. When the auditors ask questions, the sophisticated search engine finds any and all data and can present it in many formats include Excel, PDF or simply printed to give to the auditor. Since all the data, including trading blotters is archived, only a few keystrokes are required to answer most auditor questions. And because the review is being done by technology, human error is prevented.