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    Spectrum Global International Clearing was formed in 2010 and our primary line of business revolves around settling trading accounts, clearing trades

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    Client Service is paramount to the success of Spectrum Global International. We recognize customer satisfaction and retention and the development of longstanding relationships

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Escrow Services

If you are in need of a neutral third party to act as a temporary agent during the course of a financial transaction, our escrow services provide you with the professionalism, proficiency and resources required to deliver a comprehensive escrow service that you can rely on.

Why use Escrow Services?

The financial marketplace is filled with uncertainties; however escrow agreements are an ideal instrument for assuring the safe and efficient completion of a variety of different financial transactions. The escrow agent holds the assets, invest funds, oversee distribution of funds and can also handle tax reporting duties, so the conditions of the escrow agreement can be adhered to.

Professional and Personalized Service

You will receive the full attention of our escrow specialists within our escrow services department. They are fully qualified, highly experienced, and as a result will manage your escrow transaction in an efficient and professional manner.